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Check out revamped “MyVote” before Primary

by Brian Zylstra | June 26th, 2012

Many voters want a quick and easy way to learn more about the candidates they’ll see on their Primary ballot. Others simply want a fast and convenient way to register to vote or update their registration status in time for the Primary.

For all you voters and would-be voters, a great online tool to use is “MyVote.” It has recently been revamped by our Elections Division so it’s more convenient to use than ever.

Go here to access MyVote and check out your customized voter info.

If you’ve never registered to vote in Washington, or if you’ve recently moved and need to update your registration status, you can do either through MyVote. To get started, just type in your first and last name and your date of birth.

July 9 is the deadline for Washington residents to register online or to update their registration status if they want to vote in the 2012 Primary.  Washington uses a voter-approved Top 2 Primary. You may vote for your favorite candidate for each office without regard to party. The two top vote-getters for each office will advance to the General Election this fall.

Voters can see their customized voter Voters’ Guide thanks to MyVote, including the U.S. Senate contest, and congressional, statewide, legislative, local and judicial races.

MyVote also tells you your ballot status, the places where you can return your ballot, and how to contact your elected officials.

The 2012 Primary concludes Aug. 7. Voting will be entirely by mail. Ballots recently were mailed to military and overseas voters. Ballots will be sent to other Washington voters starting July 20.

2 Responses to “Check out revamped “MyVote” before Primary”

  1. JEANNE M. RAINES says:

    I am moving out of state and want to cancel my online (with all of my information including birth date!!!) registration information.

    How to do both? Cancel voters registration, and how to get rid of the personal (I guess not) information on the Washington voters registration site.

    Thank you, Jeanne M. Raines, Yakima, WA

  2. Hi Jeanne – To cancel your registration, you need to send a letter to your county auditor. The county will need your signature to cancel your voter registration there. As for getting rid of your personal information on the state’s voter registration site, your registration cancellation will change your record from “active” to “canceled.” It will remain on the rolls in your county until they remove them. It will remain on the state rolls for at least three years in a “canceled” state. One option would be for you to have the county change your name to a nickname, which makes it harder for someone to recognize that it is you, and then cancel. Then it will be in a canceled state in a name that isn’t often looked up if someone was to look for your name. Hope this helps. – Brian Zylstra, Deputy Communications Director, Office of Secretary of State

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