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Get a free State Library e-card!

by Brian Zylstra | September 26th, 2013

Falling for the state library 2As times have changed, the State Library has changed, too, offering many collections, items and services on its easy-to-navigate website.

Now the State Library is offering another helpful, cutting-edge tool for Washington patrons: a State Library e-card.

An e-card allows you access to a free obituary lookup service and the ProQuest database of Washington newspapers, making it ideal for history buffs, genealogists and others who need an obit or article but don’t have time to travel to the State Library’s Tumwater headquarters to acquire what they’re seeking.

E-cards save patrons from having yet another plastic card to carry, and it helps the State Library conserve its stash of actual cards, thus helping it save tax dollars.

Like a regular plastic State Library card, the e-card is available and free to Washington residents age 18 or older. To apply for a regular State Library card or an e-card, go here. If you have questions about the State Library card and what it allows you to access, call (360) 704-5200 or send an e-mail to borrow@sos.wa.gov .

This is the second of a series of blog posts, called “Falling for the State Library” in honor of autumn’s arrival, that we’re doing about the State Library’s many online services and features.  The Library is a proud division of the Office of Secretary of State.

One Response to “Get a free State Library e-card!”

  1. I’ll be the first to comment, and the first to get a WA ecard. I’m a regular library user and think being able to access databases is an incredible way to save time and taxpayer money! Thanks! Hopefully I won’t need to access the obituaries any time soon.

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