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Legacy Washington highlights state’s history

by Brian Zylstra | May 2nd, 2014


We’ve just launched a new webpage and program that highlights our state’s remarkable past and the people who contribute to it.

We have rebranded our heritage programs under the umbrella of Legacy Washington (or LegacyWA).

Legacy Washington promotes the state’s history through exhibits, books, e-books, videos and online stories, and more.

The new program, which combines our Legacy Project and Heritage Center staffs, will draw on the extensive knowledge of the state’s librarians, archivists and historians.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman will be a key part of Legacy Washington by promoting the state’s heritage through speeches and meetings in our communities.

Wyman on Legacy Washington:

“I am dedicated to preserving our state’s history and recognize the value in many of the historical programs in our office. Legacy Washington is an education campaign for history. Its goal is to further the knowledge of the state’s past and its continuing story. It’s a collaborative venture between employees working in history in the Secretary of State’s Office, drawing on the extensive knowledge of the state’s librarians, archivists and historians.”

Going back to statehood in 1889, the Office Secretary of State has played a key role in preserving Washington history. Over the years, that responsibility has grown, as the State Archives joined our office in 1981, and the State Library did likewise in 2002.

Want to learn more about Legacy Washington? Watch this 3½ minute video narrated by Secretary Wyman. The video features former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, retired Wenatchee World publisher Wilfred Woods and first lady Trudi Inslee.

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