Do you like green cassettes and ham?

Do you like green cassettes and ham?


If you like anything that is green, you would be in nirvana if you saw one of the back rooms in the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library in downtown Seattle. In this storage area are literally thousands of green cassette cases that are used for shipping “talking books” (on audiocassettes) to the library’s thousands of patrons throughout the state.

WTBBL has more than 60,000 book titles on cassette and it circulates statewide about 2,000 audiobooks a day (via free postage, provided by the U.S. Postal Service, for the blind and physically disabled).  The green plastic boxes play a key role in this important service provided by the library so blind, visually impaired, physically disabled and reading disabled Washingtonians have access to books in another format.

To learn more about WTBBL, go here

(Photo courtesy of WTBBL.)

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