Furlough days: new plan for 16 days of ‘temporary layoffs’ ?>

Furlough days: new plan for 16 days of ‘temporary layoffs’

budgetcutSenate budget Chairwoman Margarita Prentice has introduced a plan for closing state agencies one day a month for the next 16 months, as a way of cutting costs as the state deals with a multibillion-dollar budget crisis.

Prentice, a Renton Democrat, outlined  in Senate Bill 6503  introduced on Friday, specific closure days starting with Friday, March 12, and lasting through June 10, 2011. Most of the closures would be Fridays, as California currently does, giving state workers a long weekend, and less pay.  Sometimes called “furloughs,” the bill calls it a temporary layoff of each worker.

The bill doesn’t indicate how much the state would save. The measure says some services would be exempt, such as prisons, institutions, state patrol enforcement and investigation, ferry operation, some public health programs, firefighting, military, fish and wildlife enforcement, parks, liquor stores, some Labor and Industries units, and some higher education programs.

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  1. I work for the dept of licensing. Just as I was fininshing my day of work today. I recieved a disturbing email. I have two points to make. The first being I am a single person. I have a mortgage and car payment plus the rest that goes along with trying to survive in this world. In the last year I’ve had to choose between providing health care for my pets, paying bills etc. for food. Food didn’t win. I pay money for union dues, that does not sucure my cost of living increases. I struggle to meet ends meet every month. My home is currently in need of repairs I can not afford. I day a month without pay seems like a small amount to those making these decisions, but to me it makes all the difference in the world. Enough whinning about my personal life. My second point is. I work for a dept that generates revenue. Isn’t that what the state needs? My last point I would like to make is. The dept of licensing works very hard and takes a lot of abuse for trying to keep Washington State safe. If you insist on cutting corners. Please consider taking a vacation or sick leave away. Having worked for the private sector prior to my state employment, consider taking sick leave before furlough.

    Thank You for your time
    Vivian Helwig

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