I-1100 certified, I-1082 being checked

I-1100 certified, I-1082 being checked

Secretary of State Sam Reed Monday afternoon certified Initiative 1100, the last step for the liquor privatization measure to be placed on this November’s ballot.

Using a random sample method, the I-1100 signature check was completed late Friday afternoon after only two days of work, a day or two sooner than anticipated. As expected, it easily qualified for the fall ballot. One of two liquor initiatives to privatize liquor sales in Washington, the 1100 campaign turned in about 396,000 signatures, way more than the 241,153 valid signatures necessary to make the ballot.

Because of the large number of signatures turned in, I-1100 underwent only a 3 percent random sample check.

Signature checkers began their work Monday morning on Initiative 1082, the BIAW-backed proposal that would allow “three-way” workers’ compensation, with private insurance carriers offering coverage in competition with the state-run program. The 1082 campaign delivered about 345,000 signatures, meaning it will also receive a 3 percent check. State elections officials hope the I-1082 check will be finished on Wednesday.

After the I-1082 check is done, here is the remaining order of initiatives to be examined:
I-1098: Supported by Bill Gates Sr., it would create a state income tax on high-wage earners and would reduce the state share of the property tax and lower the B&O tax on many businesses. (351,000)

I-1053: The Tim Eyman-sponsored measure would re-establish the two-thirds vote requirement for the state Legislature to raises taxes.  It turned in about 330,000 signatures.

I-1105: The other liquor initiative, supported by wholesalers, would take the state out of the liquor retail business. Whereas I-1100 would let retailers buy liquor stock directly from manufacturers, I-1105 would require use of wholesalers.  (359,000)

I-1107: It would repeal new taxes on certain candy, pop, beer and bottled water. Backed by the American Beverage Association, it brought in 395,000 signatures in only three weeks.

The Legislature has sent three other measures to the statewide ballot this fall:

  • Referendum  52 would authorize bonds to finance construction and repair projects increasing energy efficiency in public schools and higher education buildings, and continue the sales tax on bottled water otherwise expiring in 2013.
  • House Joint Resolution 4220, known as the “Lakewood Police Officers Memorial Act,” would amend the state constitution on bail requirements for judges.
  • Senate Joint Resolution 8225 would amend the state constitution relating to debt limits for the state.
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11 thoughts on “I-1100 certified, I-1082 being checked

  1. I am confused… Initiatives require 241,153 valid signatures. A 3 percent samplings is basically saying 11,880 signatures for I-1100 and 11,850 signatures for I-1105 is all that it takes to get an initiative on the ballot? It is stated right here:


    Why, with such important, government changing initiatives wouldn’t Washington State validate each of those signatures. These signatures were gathered by Paid signature collectors. We the people say 241,153 valid signatures not 11,880! Demand Sam Reed to validate 100% of the signatures NOW!

  2. I think the whole idea of privatization of alcohol initiative
    1100 and 1105 is the worst thing the state could ever do. If people want that they should go back to the states that can and will accomodate them.

  3. Seriously, 11,000 out of 241,000 ?!? What is the point! Validate 100% of the signatures. It affects so many small business owners. They ALL matter!!!!

  4. I too agree with Paul.
    All signatures should be counted.
    How do we know some are not duplicated or unregistered voters

  5. All signatures need and should be verified and counted. These two initiatives will effect so many people who live in Washington. With the States defecate so high not sure how these are going to help.
    Paid signature collectors who don’t live in this state can and do say anything they because of freedom of speech.

  6. Paul, I agree with you. It’s ridiculuous to require over 200,000 signatures and then check a mere 11,000.

    Beyond that, something is definitely wrong in this state if there are so many citizen initiatives. Could it be the state legislator’s and the governor are that out of touch with the people?

  7. A random sample is fine, all that indicates is given these 11,000 randomly chosen signatures few enough were erroneous to indicate wider fraud/ wrongdoing. To check all 241,000 would be a tremendous waste of taxpayer money and take far too long. The legislatures not out of touch with the people, the people need to take some remedial math. Also Dawn, I believe you mean the States’ deficit is too high. The state is incapable of defecating, let alone defecating too high. The comments on this board don’t leave much hope for initiatives of the people.

  8. So Paul, you’re against I-1100? You run the noto1100.com site. That’s all well and good, you’re for temperance, or are you? No, turns out you’re the CEO of ICS, or Interactive Computer Solutions… Well, that’s a tech company… Cool, I’ve got my own tech company.

    Hmmm.. The only thing I can see that ICS has ever done is create some software called SpiritsPOS. SpiritsPOS is a point of sale system specifically designed for the washington state LCB contractors? Ooohhh.. I understand now… You’re campaigning against it not because of any moral reason, but because you’ll actually need to join the rest of us and work for a living, and not just live like a king on the taxpayers dime!

  9. I am thoroughly disgusted that Costco has disregarded their memberships privacy and illegally sent bulk emails promoting this initiative! Unfair practice and the SOS should investigate.

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