I-1100 signature check finished ?>

I-1100 signature check finished

The signature check for Initiative 1100, the liquor privatization measure backed by Costco and other retailers, was completed late Friday afternoon, a couple of days sooner than expected.

Once the I-1100 signature check is certified by Secretary of State Sam Reed, it will be the first initiative to be placed on this November’s ballot.

An initiative needs 241,153 valid voter signatures to qualify for the ballot. However, I-1100, which turned in about 396,000 signatures, qualified for the 3 percent random sample check.

And what did the sample check find? Of the 12,124 signatures sampled, 10,835 (89 percent) were accepted, and 1,289 (11 percent) were found to be invalid for one reason or another.

The next initiative to be checked will be I-1082, the BIAW-backed proposal that deals with workers’ compensation. That check will start Monday morning.

To learn more about the initiative signature checking process, go here .

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  1. Wow, 10,835 is a lot of signatures – well done! Did you have to check them all manually, by hand? I hope you had some people to help you! How did you manage to get so many signatures? I have to rally some people before but without great effect!

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