Big bucks: New report shows $20m for initiatives

Big bucks: New report shows $20m for initiatives

The Washington Public Disclosure Commission reports that state initiative efforts have drawn over $20 million in contributions.  This includes the $10 million raised by Stop the Food & Beverage Tax Hikes, promoters of Initiative 1107, which would roll back recently adopted taxes on pop, bottled water, and candy.  Most of the money and in-kind contributions came from the American Beverage Association.

The commission said Washington Citizens for Liquor Reform, backers of I-1105, brought in $2 million from two sources.  This is one of two liquor privatization initiatives. A rival proposal, I-1100 by Modernize Washington, brought in $1.2 million, mostly from Costco.

Washingtonians for Education, Health & Tax Relief, supporting I-1098, raised $1.9 million. The measure would create a high-wage earner state income tax and trim the state property tax and the tax on smaller businesses.

Save Our Jobs Washington, supporting I-1082 to allow private insurance companies to offer workers’ compensation policies, brought in over $1 million.

The PDC said proponents are outpacing opponents by more than 6:1.

In November, Washington voters will decide six citizen initiatives and three measures placed on the ballot by the Legislature.

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