Vote for your fave Library jewel!

Vote for your fave Library jewel!

Yeah, it might now be June, but we’ve started the online poll for the May edition of our State Library “jewels.” The three candidates are:

1) 19th century adventurer Ranald MacDonald;

2) A 1917 map of what was then Camp Lewis

3) A nearly complete copy of the Congressional Serial Set

Go to the online poll below and choose your favorite treasure for this month. The poll closes Friday at noon.  We’ll blog about the winner that afternoon.  Make sure to vote!

#1 Adventurer Ranald MacDonald

#2  1917 map of Camp Lewis 

#3 Congressional Serial Set  [poll id=”16″]

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One thought on “Vote for your fave Library jewel!

  1. People have no idea how much cool stuff is in the 19th Century volumes of the serial set–some of which has been digitized and is available on the State Library website.

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