From Digital Archives: mountain fishing photos

From Digital Archives: mountain fishing photos

Mountain fishing (1950 Bob&Ira Spring)

Fishing is a favorite outdoor activity for many Washingtonians, whether casting from a riverbank or dock, or from a boat bobbling on a river or off the coast.

If you’re looking for some nostalgic photos of people  fishing on a river in the mountains, look no further than your Digital Archives.

The top photo was taken by famed outdoor photogs Bob and Ira Spring.  We don’t know the river, but we do know it was taken sometime around 1950. Esteemed master photographer Asahel Curtis took the image below, which features someone fishing on an unidentified river around 1920. Both shots are from the General Subjects Photograph Collection, 1845-2005.
Mountain fishing (1920 Asahel Curtis)


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