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College civics tour, Day 6: Spokane Community College ?>

College civics tour, Day 6: Spokane Community College


As part of Day 6 of his 2012 College Civics Tour, Secretary Reed visited Spokane Community College, speaking to students about the importance of active civic engagement and answering their questions. Secretary Reed also visited Spokane Falls Community College and WSU Pullman earlier today, and he will visit Northwest Indian College and Western Washington University in Bellingham later this evening. 


Sam’s college civics tour: Day 2 ?>

Sam’s college civics tour: Day 2

On Tuesday, Secretary Reed continued his annual college civics tour across the state encouraging students to vote and become civically engaged in their communities.

One of the stops he made today was at Everett Community College where its slogan was “informed voting is as easy as pie.”  Needless to say, the Secretary ate and served pie to students, as well as encouraged students to register to vote and showed them how to navigate through the elections website.

Other campuses on the agenda today are Skagit Valley College, Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University.

The ‘Find Your One Thing’ Tour ?>

The ‘Find Your One Thing’ Tour

Being “civically engaged” can sound kind of overwhelming to some people and maybe even a turn-off to others. But with the state in a budget mess and dealing with unemployment woes, none of us can afford to sit back and wait for others to do the work.

That is why I have launched a statewide call to service, “Find Your One Thing.” I am asking that we all identify just one area or one action that will make a positive impact and that is manageable for your life and situation.

Last week, I kicked off “Find Your One Thing” at 22 college campuses across Washington in a weeklong sweep.  The message clearly resounded with students, who were eager to organize service events, forums and learn more about how they could fulfill their civic duty:

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While the effort started on the college campus, it doesn’t end there. I want you to get involved in the cause, too.

I have a few easy ideas for how you can do “One Thing” to get involved right now:

• Take 30 seconds to join the “Find Your One Thing” cause on Facebook and, on the wall, share your experience with a community of Washingtonians who also want to take small steps toward change.
• Find out how your actions stack up against your peers – and get some tips on a simple action you can take. Score yourself by taking our Online Civics Challenge and see how much you’re contributing to your community.
• Know a Washingtonian who is inspiring their community one act of service at a time? Share your stories and pictures by emailing . We will feature these stories on our agency blog in an ongoing series.

Thanks for being part of the solution!