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March “Archives treasures” contender #2: Foiled prison break ?>

March “Archives treasures” contender #2: Foiled prison break

Yesterday, we provided you with information regarding the Women’s Club of Olympia. Our second treasure from the State Archives is an image of a cell block within the Walla Walla Penitentiary in the 1890s.

In July of 1919, Henry Jones, who held up the Bank of Bickleton on December 22, 1916, made a daring attempt to escape from the Walla Walla Penitentiary but failed when he couldn’t scale the outer wall.

Jones was arrested after a western style stick-up of the Bank of Bickleton in Klickitat County. During the robbery, he held the two customers, clerk, and cashier at gun point, locked them into a room, and rode away on horseback.

Roughly 30 miles from the bank, a posse of riders came upon his tired horse and a large portion of the $4,000 loot. The men later captured the bandana-faced criminal and recovered the rest of the stolen money.

Jones was originally sentenced with five years in the penitentiary with the possibility of parole.

Happy birthday, Walla Walla ?>

Happy birthday, Walla Walla

(Photo courtesy of Washington Digital Archives)

It’s long been known as the home of the Washington State Penitentiary, and in recent years, as a favorite stop for wine lovers (remember PEMCO’s clever “Walla Walla wine wine woman woman” ad?).

But Walla Walla has been around much longer than most realize. In fact, this town in southeastern Washington was named by Walla Walla County commissioners on November 17, 1859. This photo from our Digital Archives‘ State Library collection shows horses helping with the wheat harvest near Walla Walla in the 1930s.

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