Taj Mahal. Elephants. And You!

Taj Mahal. Elephants. And You!

tajmahalTime is running out to sign up for the 2009 trade and cultural mission to exotic and fascinating India with Secretary Reed and friends!

You only have till the end of the month to put your name on the list and join Reed on a 8-day blitz through Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad in September. It will be a Taj-Mahal-touring, curry-sampling, hand-shaking, international-networking, elephant-spotting trip of a lifetime.

Anyone is welcome to sign up, but local business owners are especially encouraged to participate, as the trip will include a variety of commercial briefings, business seminars, and one-on-one meetings with potential business partners. Those interested in expanding into the wine, tech, seafood or dairy industries are sure to benefit.

This is a privately funded trip; to sign up or learn more about the mission, contact Stephanie Horn at shorn@secstate.wa.gov or (360) 902-4193 .

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