R-71: Effective 12-3-09

R-71: Effective 12-3-09

123Media outlets have declared Referendum 71 approved by voters, describing it as the country’s first voter-ratified gay-rights measure.   As of Friday afternoon, the measure had an approval margin of nearly 71,000, or about 5 percentage points –754,180 to 683,320.  King County, which accounts for nearly a third of the electorate, was giving the measure an approval margin of over 150,000. King’s approval rate has been running 68 percent, and a number of the ballots remaining to be counted are from that county.

The referendum, placed on the ballot by foes of expanded rights for state-registered domestic partners, has been on hold since it was passed by the Legislature earlier this year. If the vote holds, Senate Bill 5688 will go into effect Dec. 3.  The election returns will be certified by Secretary of State Sam Reed and Gov.  Chris Gregoire, probably on Dec. 1, but under provisions of the Constitution, a bill referred to voters and approved takes effect 30 days after Election Day, or Dec. 3 in this case.

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  1. Thank you, State of Washington, for recognizing that many more basic human rights are deserved by all people! Wow… I am humbled and very encouraged that the time is near when our great country will ascend the ladder of democracy to ensure that human rights are enjoyed by all. We still have so much work to do but, for a moment, we can all celebrate our progress as enlightened citizens.

  2. Today I am particularly proud to be a fifth-generation Washingtonian. I was born and raised in this great state, as were my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc… It brings tears to my eyes that my partner and I, in a loving, committed relationship for almost 9 years, and as law-abiding tax-paying citizens, can be considered as equals to other committed families in our state.

  3. I do not understand this. Around nov. 5th there were about 23,000 voters that voted on R71 but did not vote on SB568. SB568 is a tax issue why would so many people only be concerned with R71. I am trying to find what the total tally now is. I would like to find out what this unbalance was like in King county seeing they had over 150,000 votes for R71 if all thie occured in King county then what is the possiblillities of people from CA coming up and registering in King county just to get a vote in on R71. Country wide the people are about 60% against gay marriage now in King county 68% voted for R71.

    Something smells here??

    Please recheck this article in it you also state that “Senate Bill 5688 will go into effect Dec.3.” This is a typo error I believe

  4. I am very sorry can you please delete this previous comment. I was comparing R71 with INT. 1033

    I do not understand this. Around Nov. 5th there were about 23,000 voters that voted on R71 but did not vote on INT. 1033. Int. 1033 is a tax issue why would so many people only be concerned with R71 and not Int. 1033; I believe these two where both on the same page of the voters phamplet. I am trying to find out what the total is now. I would like to find out what this unbalance between issue R71 and Int. 1033 was in King county as apposed to other counties especially seeing that King county had over 150.000 votes for R71 and 68% for R71. This one county put R71 in for a yes vote over all other counties? Is it possible that many people that wanted R71 passed did an electronic registeration during July-Oct. and are not Washington State residents. I think this needs to be addressed

  5. I think that the R71 sponsors are so desperate that this bill not pass that they will do or say anything. People don’t vote on initiatives for many reasons and since we have secret ballot there is no reason to suspect that the ballots are faulty unless you have proof. First they want to put this to a vote. Fine we did that. Then they say you can’t see the names of the people who put the referendum on the ballot and take it to court. Now they are whining that there may be something wrong with the vote? Please, you lost accept it an move on. You tried all your tricks, (off year referendum, paid signature gatherers, out of state financing, fancy referendum wording, voter registration AFTER petitions were turned in, court appeals to change state open government laws) face it the referendum is and the people have spoken stop looking for boogie men or excuses.

  6. @Richard – There was a significant undervote on I-1033 in King County because of the placement of that initiative on the ballot. Folks were understandably worried that people would miss I-1033 because it was located just under the instructions. R-71, on the other hand, was at the very top center column and nearly impossible to miss. So the trend that you’re noticing is real, but your reasoning is off. It wasn’t anything sinister. Unless, of course, you think it was sinister to design a ballot in liberal King County that would lead to massive undervoting on a conservative tax measure.

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