Surprises in the mail

Surprises in the mail

The following is a letter that was recently received in the mail at McNeil Island Correction Center Library.  Sometimes there are good days, and this was one of those things that can make you realize, that maybe, just maybe you are doing some good in the world.


To Earl Dungey:                                                   Nov 1, 2009

   A former inmate, who worked in your library, came into my bookstore and spent $50 on SF and a few other things. He said he was sending the books to you (I did not catch his name, sorry).  He made me think, a bit, of you and your needs. He was very pleasant. — tallish, dark hair, a bit of a gut, has a four year old daughter…

  He made me want to help out, when he said you might be able to take hardbacks….I asked for your address.  

     Can you take hardbacks?  I get a lot of surplus hardbacks. (Can you provide a tax exempt number for me, too?  This is not absolutely necessary, but I thought I would ask, anyway.) 

     I can provide mysteries easily, and thrillers, in hardback, but can also provide lots of other kinds of books. Even hardback SF Books. I have a fairly large store, with lots of surplus generated — books I don’t want to take in are often left behind. So, this includes nonfiction of all types. Send me a letter back,  with your needs, and I will be glad to help out.

Can do a limited number of specific titles; some bestsellers begin to pile up, for example, and I can send those, too.   Also, of course, if you want to buy specific titles for your library, would be happy to oblige. Give you a good price!

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