Secretary Reed: YOUR vote is your voice

Secretary Reed: YOUR vote is your voice

Secretary of State Sam Reed is urging voters to take part in “one of the most significant and interesting elections in modern times.”  He said enthusiasm is “sky-high” in Washington, which regularly enjoys one of the best voter participation rates in the country.

Reed noted that more than 8 out of 10 voters are expected to cast ballots, with some counties forecasting turnout even higher than the 81 percent he has predicted statewide.  He said he would be delighted, of course, if the turnout exceeds the record set in 2008, 84.6 percent.

He added:

“A ballot left untouched on your coffee table does no good, though, and so I am strongly urging every registered voter to mark a ballot just as soon as possible and get it in the mail or take it to a secure county dropbox. Don’t wait until the last minute.”

Reed, conducting his last election after 41 years in state and local election administration, said this is one of the most intriguing and significant elections in his tenure.

“I am extremely happy that our voters are engaged and involved in these voting decisions that will affect our daily lives in very concrete ways.  In our system of self-government, our vote is our voice — and we want to hear from everyone.

“Our voters rolls have never been cleaner, outreach efforts have never been stronger and good voter information has never been more plentiful.  Now it is up to the voters!”

Washington has topped the 3.9 million mark for the first time for registered voters — including a spike of nearly 180,000 added just since the August Primary.  Reed said the great interest is driven by the down-to-the-wire races for President and Governor, as well as “the most interesting and compelling ballot measures in the country.”

Voters will decide four citizen ballot propositions, including same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, charter schools and a Tim Eyman tax initiative, as well as two noncontroversial constitutional amendments and two first-ever state tax advisory votes.  The ballot includes wide-open races for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and Auditor, as well as other statewide executive and court races. Control of the Legislature is up for grabs. A U.S. Senate seat and all 10 U.S. House contests are on the ballot, including a first-ever vote in the newly awarded 10th District.

Local races and propositions also await voters’ decision.

Said Reed:

“Literally, there is something for everyone in this election.”



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