July Library Jewel #2: `American Archives’

July Library Jewel #2: `American Archives’



Roster of the 7/15/1776 Convention for the City of Philadelphia (image courtesy of the Washington State Library)

July is the most patriotic month for many Americans. Millions across the nation celebrate American heritage and freedom on Independence Day every Fourth of July. The Washington State Library adds a historical flair to the month this year by showcasing one of their rare books on American history.

The book, American Archives, written by Peter Force, is an expansive collection of letters, debates, public records, and other historical documents that are important to American history. The goal of writing such a book was to provide a historical documentary index of the United States, particularly in regards to the American Revolution and the expansion of the American colonies.

The book is the second Library Jewel nominated for honors by readers of From Our Corner.  Look for the third nominee next week and then take part in an online reader poll.

Author Peter Force was a respected historian and veteran. After serving in the War of 1812, he relocated to Washington, D.C., where he edited the National Journal. Eventually, he became mayor of the city for two consecutive terms.

Although he had an impressive resume of public service, Force’s arguably greatest service was the preservation of essential materials from a turbulent and formative period in America’s history.

A photograph of Peter Force, the author of American Archives (image courtesy of the Library of Congress)

 The first image above includes the name of Benjamin Franklin.

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