Babies, books, and a birthday wish for donations

Babies, books, and a birthday wish for donations

What do you give the librarian who has everything? Books, of course! However, in this tale, the books are not for the librarian but for her program.

Anna Nash is a longtime librarian in the Washington State Library’s Institutional Library Services department. One of her favorite programs is “Baby Reads” at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor. It is a storytime that is unique in our state.

If a woman is pregnant when she becomes incarcerated and she meets certain qualifications, she is allowed to participate in the Residential Parenting Program (RPP).

Here is its mission:

“The RPP began in August 1999 through a partnership with the Puget Sound Education Service District Early Head Start. Early Head Start provides infant and toddler care while mothers fulfil required institution care such as work, education and training. Only pregnant women who have 30 months or fewer left on their sentences can participate in RPP. The goal is to have the child leave prison with the mother as she reenters the community through work release.”

Once a month, Anna holds a storytime hour with the moms and babies, teaching the mothers how to engage with their children through literature. The program’s only funding has been a Rotary Club donation some years ago, and Anna really wanted new books to use for her storytime presentations.

You might already guess where this is going.

Anna's birthday call for donationsFor her birthday, Anna provided her family and friends a link to the “Baby Reads” Amazon wishlist and asked for donations to the program.

The responses brought a tub full of new books in English and Spanish. Both moms and babies were delighted by their new books.

Do you have a birthday coming your way and want to do some good for the world without cluttering up your house or adding to your dusting? Take a look at the Amazon Wishlist page for our Institutional Libraries. You won’t find a more appreciative audience.

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  1. After becoming a member here for our business I was wondering what other types of donations you can take as the State from us as a business. Other than one’s birthday there are opportune times to which gifts can be given as used to help mom’s and babies

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