Scrapbooking and Oral History: Lessons from the pros

Scrapbooking and Oral History: Lessons from the pros

Crowd at scrapbooking eventSummer is a tricky time to put on an event at the Olympia Archives Building. Who wants to take time during a sun-drenched Saturday in August to huddle up in the dark confines of a windowless research room?

History buffs and genealogists — that’s who!

Our “Scrapbooking and Oral Histories with the Pros” event brought together an enthusiastic crowd of family researchers who clung to the words of the amazing presenters from the Washington State Archives and Legacy Washington, which are divisions of the Office of the Secretary of State.

Digital Projects Archivist Mary Hammer talked about disassembling and preserving old scrapbooks, and gave tips on how to assemble or reassemble a scrapbook. She showed which tools to use, which materials to look for, and which ones to avoid.

During her workshop, attendees showed their personal scrapbooks seeking advice on how to proceed. Leave it how it is? Take it apart? Hide it in a dark closet? Mary had answers for everyone.

Also answering questions in the hands-on portion of the event was Digital Projects Archivist Maggie Cogswell, who went on to give her own presentation about digitizing scrapbooks. Cogswell emphasized the importance of digitizing your personal collections, as well as extensive tips on how to scan and organize your digital files, and the importance of storing lots of backup copies.

Chief Historian John Hughes
Chief Historian John Hughes

Rounding out the event was Legacy Washington’s Chief Historian John Hughes, who engaged the audience with guidance through the world of documenting oral histories. Hughes shared a number of his own family stories, and how he recorded them, showing in detail the benefits of properly tracking your family’s oral history.

The attendees were all delighted, and we can’t wait for the next event in Olympia, likely in October.

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  1. Are there recordings of syllabi of the August presentations by Digital Projects Archivist Mary Hammer and Chief Historian John Hughes?

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