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NY Times Article – Structure Your Unemployed Downtime

image Recent news reports claim that the job market is improving, but no one is claiming that it’s healthy, or that we’re anywhere close to a full recovery. If you are someone who has found themselves unemployed in the current economy, then you might find helpful this recent article from the NY Times.

The article explains that the biggest hurdle to finding a new job when you’re unemployed is often lack of structure, and provides some advice on how to get over this hurdle and make your job-searching more productive.

“When you get up in the morning, it can seem as if a long clean carpet of time is ahead of you, but then you may decide to go to the gym, have a leisurely lunch, take a nap, check out “Dr. Phil” on TV followed by “Judge Judy,” and then you’re ready to make dinner.

“Or, you may engage in a whirlwind of sending e-mail messages, Googling, calling and appointment-making, only to realize that very little of it got you closer to finding a job.”

Read the rest of the article at nytimes.com.

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