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Library Snapshot Day at Stafford Creek

Jeannie Remillard helps some patrons at the library.

All in all a very successful day! I feel like it was a day that promoted our library in a very positive way to everyone here at Stafford Creek.  I think business has really picked up since that day…we are busier than ever…but that’s ok!! I love my job…and enjoy coming to work each and every day!!

Other comments heard throughout the day:

  • A fun place to come
  • And…our dogs are more than welcome here
  • Library staff are always willing to help in anyway they can
  • We love the ILL program…and the books get to us so quickly


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2 Responses to “Library Snapshot Day at Stafford Creek”

  1. HOORAY!!! I can’t imagine Stafford Creek getting any busier, but keep up the good work.

    Oh, I also love the “books get to us so quickly” comment. You must be a Genie, Jeannie, I never get that comment.

  2. Richard Bradford Says:


    Way to go. You always do a super job.