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Mike Thompson receives award placque from Dan Speigle and applause from Sam Reed--grins all around

Yesterday, Mike Thompson, Custodian at the Washington State Library, received the Employee of the Year award from the Administrative Services Division of the Office of the Secretary of State.

Mike was nominated by several staff members from the library, and here are excerpts from their comments about Mike:

Mike exhibits outstanding work ethics and attention to detail. He keeps all the buildings he’s responsible for in top form.

Regardless of his heavy workload, he is always pleasant and makes time to say hello. He can be counted on to help out with events or wherever else is needed at the drop of a hat. Mike’s an all around great asset to the agency by making many of our work lives better.

Did we say, “He even DUSTS!”

The building has never looked better since Mike came on board. He goes above and beyond, with a cheerful and professional attitude. Thanks, Mike, for everything you do!

In the picture, Dan Speigle, Deputy Secretary of State (left), comments on Mike’s service while Sam Reed, Secretary of State (right), applauds; Mike is the guy in the middle holding the plaque.

Congratulations, Mike, on this well-deserved award! We salute you!

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