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Staff Spotlight: Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller

Danielle Miller, Manager, Washington Talking Book & Braille Library

Danielle Miller is the Manager of the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library (WTBBL) located in Seattle, WA. She joined the Washington State Library a division of the Office of the Secretary of State in 2008 and became the first manager of WTBBL as a direct service of the Washington State Library.

WTBBL staff have deep feelings toward Danielle, and among them shipping page Marah says, “Danielle is great with the amount of recognition and support she gives us…a reminder that our daily routines are appreciated and needed.” Readers Advisor Shannon says, “she brings energy and vitality into the office every time she walks through the door. “ Librarian Eura says, “Empowering is something that Danielle takes to her heart whether working with our patrons or staff at WTBBL. Danielle’s direction and leadership allow WTBBL staff to thrive, find innovative solutions to problems and, even during trying budget times, remain a warm workplace family.” Librarian Mandy says “She is the force behind our outreach into the community and the pole that supports our ongoing efforts to share our service and mission throughout Washington State. “ And shipping page Bonnie says “Thank you for encouraging us at work, cheering us on, making us feel special.”

In a recent WTBBL newsletter profile, Danielle described herself this way: “I became a librarian because I couldn’t decide on anything else. I love languages, science, medicine, botany, zoology, medieval French history, math, photography and drawing, teaching…you get the picture. I also love helping people to help themselves.

One day I discovered that as a librarian, you have the opportunity to help others and there are endless chances to learn a bit about thousands of things you never thought you would know about. For example, once at the public library, I had a gentleman ask me how he could ‘become the master of static.’ That was a new one for me and one of the many examples of why this profession never gets old.

I can safely say that my work at WTBBL is the best job I’ve ever had and I’m constantly aware of how lucky I am to work with all of you good people.”

“”Danielle has created a strong bond with our partners and constituents,” Rand Simmons State Librarian noted. “She has an amazing ability to get people to work together.”

“With Danielle Miller’s appointment as Director of WTBBL in 2008 a breath of fresh air and a new sense of energy and a positive spirit came in to WTBBL” said Sue Ammeter, Chair of the WTBBL Patron Advisory Council.  “This was evidenced by the fact that WTBBL received the 2009 Network Library of the Year Award from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  Danielle believes that WTBBL patrons should have the same right of equal access as all other library users,”  Sue added. “We are indeed fortunate to have such an innovative and progressive person as our Director.”    

Thank you, Danielle, for your zeal and drive in moving forward service to all people of Washington.


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2 Responses to “Staff Spotlight: Danielle Miller”

  1. Marlys Rudeen Says:

    Yea, Danielle!

  2. Anna Nash Says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Danielle at the UW Libraries when I was a student. I always looked forward to the hour a week we’d work at the same desk. Danielle is the perfect example of fun and relatable while remaining professional. I remember when she got the Manager Position at WTBBL, there were a lot of students who were sad to see her go but couldn’t begrudge her the amazing opportunity. I am glad to once again be working for the same system as Danielle so I can hear about the great things she’s doing at WTBBL. WSL is lucky to have snatched her up.