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Inmates at Clallam Bay Donate $1,000 to CBCC Library

Clallam Bay Library

Clallam Bay Library

The CBCC Branch Library was given a check this month in the amount of $1000.00 to spend on any and all kinds of books for the library. The check was donated by the CBIT (Clallam Bay Improvement Team) which is made up of offenders serving life without parole. The money comes from them holding fund raisers, such as pizza sales or baked goods made in the bakery by inmates and purchased by inmates through the whole institution. The bakery is run by Peninsula college and is a certified class. The purpose of the team is to improve life in the institution for all inmates. They are always craving new, up-to-date items that have to do with re-entry, medical, jobs and of course popular fiction authors. Due to the size of our budget at this time the library was grateful for the check and we thank them all.

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2 Responses to “Inmates at Clallam Bay Donate $1,000 to CBCC Library”

  1. Steve Willis Says:

    Outstanding! What a great testimony to the importance of libraries.

  2. Jill Merritt Says:

    Great job!!! Val, I know you will be buying a lot of material for your library, if you haven’t already.