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Dec. 2-3 Customer Alert! Goodbye to the Old Server, Hello to the New Catalog

The lonely current server housed in the basement of The Eevergreen State College

Deep in the basement of the Evergreen State College on Cooper Point outside of Olympia is a room that appears to have once hummed with the sound of giant computers. But now all that is left is one lonely server, along with a few dust bunnies.

You wouldn’t know to look at it, but this machine hosts the consortium catalog for the Washington State Library, The Evergreen State College, and Saint Martins University. By the end of this December all three libraries will be moving to newer frontiers. Evergreen and St. Martins  will be joining a larger alliance with other Pacific Northwest academic libraries, and WSL family of libraries will go solo.

We will continue using the Innovative Millennium system, but our server will change and as a result our public catalog will look different. This change gives us an opportunity to reshape our services a bit more for our particular customer base.

It seems inevitable this kind of migration will have bumps here and there. Hopefully we’ll have them ironed out quickly. Library users attempting to use the system to place holds or make changes on their account on Dec. 2-3 are advised to wait until Dec. 4.

Once our new catalog is up and running, please take a look and send us your feedback and/or questions. I can be contacted at:


(360) 704-5276





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