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Amelie, a third-grader at Lincoln Elementary School in Olympia, Washington, is learning to write persuasive essays. For this assignment her essay prompt was how can we improve our school? Amelie did not hesitate, she knew exactly what she and her fellow students needed.



(Spelling and grammar as per the original essay).

We need more library time:

We should get more lirarby time Becasue some of us Don’t have a Good amont of money so we need a library. And if we did not have a library we would not have Donna!! And we would not Get into a Good Collge!!  So this pretty much depenes on liBrary. ThereFore we sloud have more library.

When asked for a comment Donna Dannenmiller, Lincoln’s school librarian, said, “My greatest thrill for library time, as I foster literacy and expose children to a diverse collection of meaningful language experiences, is to connect the right book… with the right child… at the right time. It’s purely magical! They want to come back for more and more of that magic.”

Amelie is clearly one third grader who will be voting for libraries in the future.


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