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Statewide Database Licensing Needs Assessment Results Released

Image courtesy of K. L. - http://bit.ly/1HO1tQa -Flickr Creative Commons 2

Image courtesy of K. L. – http://bit.ly/1HO1tQa -Flickr Creative Commons 2

The WSL Statewide Database Licensing (SDL) project announces the release of the results of the recent needs assessment. The consulting firm’s executive summary and recommendations, as well as the full 28-page report are available for download and reading at sos.wa.gov/q/SDL_Needs.

The data collection included two surveys, one for library staff, and one for library users as well as interviews with library staff. The library audience for both surveys included all types of libraries that participate in SDL: public, private academic, and community and technical colleges, hospital and research libraries, and K-12 schools, both public and private.

A goal of the assessment was to determine if the current ProQuest package of databases continues to meet the needs of participating Washington libraries, their staff, and the citizens of the state. Fully 85% of library staff respondents showed their preference for having the SDL project continue doing what it has been, but at the same time, a majority also indicated their desire for more choices and flexibility in the resources offered by the project, although the percentage of those making that their top choice has declined since 2010 when a similar survey was conducted.

Making sense of the results, and writing recommendations based on them is the current task of the SDL Advisory Committee and project manager, Will Stuivenga. Comments and suggestions are solicited and encouraged.

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