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Electronic State Publications: Invasive Weeds of Eastern Washington

2016-02-09_11-31-16Thinking about your garden?  Look to State Publications for help. This time Jeff Martin has found another beautiful and informative State Publication.

Prepared by
Stephen M. Van Vleet, Ph.D.
Washington State University
Whitman County Extension
Publication date: 2009

The rapid spread of invasive plants threatens natural resources across the United States, and the Pacific Northwest is no exception. Invasive species displace natural plant communities…

The control of any weed begins with early detection. The objective of this guide is to aid in the identification and control of invasive weeds found in eastern Washington. For further information about noxious weed identification, control options, and control requirements under state law, please contact your local noxious weed coordinator or a Washington State University Extension educator.

Read the entire publication at: Washington State Library Electronic State Publications – Invasive Weeds of Eastern Washington

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