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Small Hunch Pays Big Results!

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Some months ago, two ILS staff decided to write to some publishers of mental health resources and ask them about the possibility of receiving donated materials.  National Recovery Month is every September and their collections were sadly depleted from the demand for such materials.  They hoped that one or two of the companies might respond with an offer of a few donations.  Much to their amazement and profound appreciation three companies responded within weeks of the letters being sent.

Hazelden and New Harbinger are outstanding publishers of educational and inspirational literature about substance abuse and recovery.  Their products are consistently of the highest quality, and highly sought for library collections.  Sounds True produces wonderful spoken word and music CDs for relaxation, meditation and health & healing.  The gifts received from these generous companies resulted in dozens of books and several multiple CD sets.  The cost to buy these materials would have been hundreds of dollars.

Western State Hospital immediately processed and published a “hot list” of the new Hazelden titles.  The books started flying off the shelves within hours.  Eastern State hospital patients will benefit from these gifts as well as staff who can use these resources for treatment groups.  This bounty will also be shared among the other ILS branches either directly or through the ILL program.

Anna Nash, Employee of the Year 2010

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Lyla Brekke awards Anna Nash with Employee of the Year 2010

The youngest and most energetic member of ILS was awarded with Employee of the year for 2010.  Anna has grown up in the library with a family that loves libraries and books.  Anna continues to look towards her future with her entrance to library school at the University of Washington this fall.  In the last year Anna spear-headed the ILS Library Snapshot Day (the first in Washington), inspiring her coworkers to join her in her advocacy of libraries.  She has brought a breath of fresh air to her co-workers, giving them a chance to see new perspectives on a job they all love.

30 Years of Service to Western State Hospital

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Kathleen accepting 30 years of Service certificate from Rand Simmons Washington State Librarian

Kathleen is a wonderful storyteller with a patience that has served her well as the Library Associate at Western State Hospital.  On June 15, 2011 Kathleen will become the longest working member of the Institutional Library Service team.  30 years of wonderful service was celebrated with a presentation of a certificate and award by State Librarian Rand Simmons.

Keeping the Connection

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ILS Retreat

Each year staff of Institutional Library Service of the Washington State Library meet to discuss strategy, share experiences, and learn from each other.  As budgets have been slashed, co-workers and friends have been lost, but the connection to each other has not.   Our most recent meeting the first week of June was a time of sorrow and celebration.  As we looked around we thought of the people who were missing, but we also had cause for celebration Milestone birthdays for several of the team included ages 25, 35, 60, and 65 to reveal a group of people who may vary in age, but who share a passion for their work in the institution branches.

Representative Troy Kelley visits Western State Hospital Library

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Representative Troy Kelley

Representative Troy Kelley accepted an invitation to visit the Western State Hospital Library on June 7.  Despite the grueling legislative session and hectic personal schedule, he made the time to meet with hospital superintendent Jess Jamieson and the library staff.  State Library Branch Manager Laura Sherbo and library associate Kathleen Benoun welcomed Rep. Kelley into the Patients Library and told him about the State Library’s role in providing services to enhance the recovery and re-entry of those currently housed in state institutions.   He was presented with a copy of the colorful “ILS Snapshot Day” summary report, created by Jill Merritt, Anna Nash and Molly Mooney.  Rep Kelley was given a brief tour of the WSH History Museum.

Troy Kelley represents district #28, that includes Dupont, Lakewood, Steilacoom, University Place, Fircrest, and Tacoma.  He is a businessman and Army reservist, who recently joined the National Guard.

Photos from Washington Library Snapshot Day

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On April 12, 2011 the Washington State Library participated in Washington Library Snapshot Day. Hundreds of libraries statewide gathered photos, stories, and usage statistics, providing a glimpse at the important services they provide every day.

This set of images offers a look at a single day in the life of the Washington State Library. Enjoy!

Institutional Library Services on Facebook

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ILS on FacebookWe now have two Facebook pages where we will be sharing information about Institutional Libraries.  The first one is our primary page for Washington State Library Institutional Library Services.

Our second Facebook page is specifically for the Institutional Library Services “Library Snapshot Day“, which will occur on January 11, 2011.

Please check back on both pages to get the latest information about Institutional Library Services in Washington State.

Coyote Ridge Is a Little Bit Different

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 Posted in Articles, Institutional Library Services | 2 Comments »

coyote ridge correctionsIf you read this blog regularly, you may already know the Washington State Library provides outreach library services to all the public prisons in the state (except for the minimum centers.) The benefit of this cooperative agreement between agencies is that incarcerated populations in Washington State have access to fantastic libraries and are served by the certified Librarians and library technicians who manage them.

At Coyote Ridge Corrections Center, general and legal services are combined in one library. It is the only prison library in Washington State, so far, that is working with this service model.

The CRCC library is divided by a wall with large windows and one door, and library staff are trained and prepared to assist patrons with both general and legal research questions. In the legal services area of the library, patrons are provided computer (thin client) access to an electronic (external hard drive version) of LexisNexis. This is how the patrons research case law, state statutes, and other legal research publications. The library’s computer network is isolated. Offenders do not have access to any part of the DOC network, nor do they have the ability to access the internet. The LexisNexis product is updated quarterly in order to keep it current. Offenders also have computer access to the Department of Corrections operating policies (view only) and a variety of legal forms. They also have access to MS Word for the purpose of composing briefs and other original legal work. Patrons can print their work, but they are not allowed to save anything. Typewriters are also available in this section of the library.

The general library is much like any other small public library. The operating software for the library’s computers is Destiny, by Follett, and offenders use it to locate materials in the library and place holds on items. Offender library clerks use the computers behind the circulation counter to check books in and out.

That’s the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center Branch Library, in a nutshell. So far, things seem to be going pretty well, although it’s difficult for me to judge when I’m always right in the middle of everything. In the future, we would like to provide more structured information literacy training, especially in the legal services area.

FREE Training Events in July

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009 Posted in For Libraries, Training and Continuing Education, Updates | Comments Off on FREE Training Events in July

Check out these free training opportunities coming up in July.sun1

Free WSL online trainings:
First Tuesdays: Safety in Small Libraries
July 7, 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Designed as a continuing-education opportunity for all library staff in Washington State, this free web presentation from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., on the first Tuesday of the month lets attendees share their skills and successes and learn about new topics. The special-subject presentations, lasting about 30 minutes, are recorded so that others may listen at their own convenience. Presented by Kate Laughlin, Library Consultant, and Matt Berube, Walla Walla County Rural Library District.

Sign in information

Tools for the Reference Desk: Amigos Online Course
July 9 and 16 (2 part course); 8:30-10:30 a.m.

Do you want to learn how to implement Web technologies in your reference desk? This course explores a variety of online tools, from blogs, wikis, to free chat software and web-based platforms from which you can engage your users at the reference desk. Come learn how to utilize several free online tools in your reference activities.
Register here: http://www.secstate.wa.gov/library/libraries/training/trainingView.aspx?event=483&audience=state
Libraries Helping Job Seekers in Hard Times: BCR Online
July 28 & 30; 8:00-10:00 a.m.

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