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Internet Librarian, Day 2 – Monday, Oct 26 2009 – #IL2009

Friday, October 30th, 2009 Posted in Articles, For Libraries, Technology and Resources, Training and Continuing Education | Comments Off on Internet Librarian, Day 2 – Monday, Oct 26 2009 – #IL2009

image Vint Cerf started the day, and the beginning of the actual conference, with an amazing keynote. The interchange between Vint and Paul Holdengraber, his interview, was oftentimes hilarious as well as poignant. Vint talks some about the history of the internet, and taking off from there, where the internet may be heading. He touches on important topics like bit rot, privacy and user rights with e-materials, mobile technology, and the neutrality of the net. After the keynote, my day was pretty social networking heavy, but covers some interesting topics.

Sessions attended on Day 2 include:

  • Opening Keynote: Digital Publishing, Preservation, and Practices
    Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangalist, Google
  • iGoogling with the Library: Customized Omnipresent Homepages
    Jason Clark and Timothy Donahue, Montana State University Libraries
  • Creating Connections and Social Reference in Libraries
    Margaret Smith, Physical Sciences Librarian, New York University
  • Cloud Computing in Practice: Creating Digital Services and Collections
    Laura Harris, Kendra Levine, Amy Buckland, Jason Clark
  • 2.0 Too: Web Services for Underfunded Libraries
    Sarah Houghton-Jan, LibrarianinBlack.net
  • Evaluating, Recommending, and Justifying 2.0 Tools
    Marydee Ojala, editor for Online Magazine, Information Today, Inc.

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Full session notes after the cut.

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