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Dog Days at the Library

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Libraries are never so much fun as when the four legged patrons come to the library.  Not all prison libraries in Washington State have animals as part of their loyal patron base, but those that do find joy in getting a ‘pawshake’ and handing out a biscuit.  Airway Heights Corrections Library and Stafford Creek Corrections Library both share anecdotes of their “favorite” patrons.

George at AHCC Library

George at AHCC Library

He is so cute. Shakes and gives High 5. He sits up tall and will stay up as long as he thinks he will get another treat. His trainer says he has stayed up over 2 minutes. -Joyce Hanna AHCC Library

It seems like there are more dogs with their toys than “boys” in the library right now.  Actually, probably not; but interesting…barking…playing…begging for their doggie treats.  “Winston”, a beautiful English setter, mostly white with brown spots here and there is lying at my feet I’m ignoring him, waiting forever for his treat.   – Jeannie Remillard SCCC Library

With the new arrival of dogs there is much excitement and fun in the air.  Tuesday the library was packed and we were very busy.  The dogs were visiting!!  Several of them were behind the counter with me getting their treats…. Tank – A big Black Lab weighing in at 87lbs was out in the reading room area, stretched out on the floor sleeping, all of a sudden I guess he realized that he wanted his puppy treat too.  He came bounding over the front counter and landed on the floor in front of my desk.  Everyone in the whole room was laughing. – Jeannie Remillard SCCC Library

Jeannie with puppy at SCCC Library

Jeannie with puppy at SCCC Library



Freedom Tails

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Dogs and trainers holding books at the SCCC Library
A visit to the SCCC Library

The Freedom Tails newsletter is a fun, uplifting and heartwarming chronicling of the canine training program at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen, WA.  It follows the exploits of the shelter dogs being trained by the inmate trainers during the 12-week program that prepares the dogs to be adopted by private owners.

The newsletter was captured, cataloged and archived by the Historical & Digital Collections Program at the Washington State Library (WSL).  It came to our attention through the Washington State Depository Program which is mandated by law to capture, archive, catalog, and make available to the public publications from state agencies.  More information about the State Depository program can be found here.

Leroy Graduating
Leroy Graduating

The newsletter highlights the biography and photographs of each shelter dog selected for the program.  The circumstances that brought them to the program are as varied as the circumstances of their inmate trainers.  The benefits for the inmates, inmate trainers, dogs and the community are described along with follow ups of how the dogs are doing at their adoptive homes.  It is hard to tell which benefits more from Freedom Tails—inmates, dogs or the community.

If you believe in rehabilitation, second chances and changes of the heart, you may want to follow this newsletter.  If you are interested in adopting a dog or supporting the program, this site may be of interest to you.

–Pam Griffith

New puppy has arrived at Stafford Creek Corrections Center

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Jeannie Remillard has this to share about the new puppy at SCCC: Her name is Athena…and she is the cutest little Beagle puppy you have ever laid your eyes on.  When she first visited the library and came behind the desk to meet me, she was shaking with fright. By the time we filled her tummy with doggy treats and gave her much love we were sure she would remember her first visit to the library.  Talk about cute…she jumped up on my lap and tried to get her puppy treats off the desk.  Everybody in the whole room fell in love with her immediately.  

 Yesterday she came, sopping wet from the rain, and she immediately tried to jump up in my lap for her puppy treats. Jason and Curt, my workers, grabbed towels and dried her off.  She is a real joy and brings smiles to everyone…even those guys who usually don’t smile.  What a terrific wonderful program this is!!! North Beach Paws!!!

 From Wikipedia, Athena means “goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.”

 A perfect name for a prison library dog!



How kind is this – it really touched my heart!

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We just received an interlibrary loan book that we ordered from Ketchikan Campus library in Alaska…The book is titled “Buried treasure of the United State: how to locate hidden wealth”. Inside was a handwritten note that read:

 Dear SCCC Library – hello to you:  it seems this is a favorite title of your patrons as we have loaned it to you numerous times.  It is hardly ever checked out here, we are happy to weed it from our collection and donate it to you.  So no worries about mailing it back. 

 Best to all of u at SCCC – Kathy at USASK campus library