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Another facet of the Green River Killer story unfolds as a graphic novel

Sunday, October 30th, 2016 Posted in Washington Reads | Comments Off on Another facet of the Green River Killer story unfolds as a graphic novel

gary_ridgway_1982_mugshotGreen River Killer: A True Detective Story. By Jeff Jensen; Illustrated by Jonathan Case; Lettering by Nake Piekos. (Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Books, 2011. 233 pp. Illustrations, map.)

Recommendation by PNW & Special Collections

This graphic novel provides an often neglected perspective to the Green River Killer investigation by recounting the ordeal that his father, King County Detective Tom Jensen,  endured since 1984, when he was assigned to the investigation, through to the 188 days spent interviewing Gary Ridgeway until his November 3, 2003 conviction.

The story is a procedural that balances the horrifying subject matter with a humane tribute to the dedication of law enforcement professionals and the toll such dark work can exact upon their health, their psyches, and their families.  Jensen and Case’s treatment does not reduce characters, but shows their complexity, compelling each side of the story beautifully.  Johnathan Case’s illustrations are carefully wrought to match the story’s delicate balance, making for a moving and disturbing read.  A unique recommendation for fans of true crime and graphic novels.

ISBN-13: 978-1595825605

Available in the Pacific Northwest Collection at NW 364.1523 JENSEN 2011

D.B. Cooper Revelations

Thursday, August 4th, 2011 Posted in Articles, For the Public | 1 Comment »

Reports that the FBI is investigating a “creditable” D.B. Cooper lead have the news outlets and blogosphere buzzing.  Here’s just one such story from the Seattle Times.  News sites are relying on information from the niece of the suspect (and upcoming authoress), who identifies him as her uncle Lynn Doyle (L.D.) Cooper, who passed away ten years ago.

WSL librarian Kathryn did some digging in several of the genealogy resources we have linked to, and found additional information about the fascinating L.D. Cooper.  Using the Department of Veterans Affairs burial database, she found he is buried in Pilot Butte military cemetery in Oregon.  The database also indicates he was in the Navy and served in Korea.  Pictures of his gravestone are listed in Find a Grave.

Further clues await the amateur sleuth with access to Ancestrylibrary (available for free to visitors of the State Library).  Is that his wedding certificate in Reno, NV?  Is that him pictured in a US Navy Cruise book from 1949?  No doubt the FBI is hot on the trail.

Until we find out more, feel free to check out the many previously published books on D.B. Cooper, including “D.B. : A Novel” by Elwood Reid, recently reviewed by Northwest librarian Sean.  There’s lots of good reading material out there for those who want a refresher on this iconic Washington story.  These books and more are available at the State Library or your local public library!