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WA Poll: R-71 leads, I-1033 trails

by David Ammons | October 27th, 2009

proconFresh poll numbers for the ballot-topping statewide measures: The Washington Poll shows Referendum 71 with a wide margin for voter approval of the “everything but marriage” domestic partnership law that Olympia passed last spring, and Initiative 1033, state and local revenue caps, trailing.

The nonpartisan survey is sponsored by a research center at the University of Washington. Pollsters contacted 724 registered voters statewide from Oct. 14-26. Margin of error is 3.6 percent.

The poll showed 56 percent in favor or leaning in favor of approving the domestic partnership legislation and 39 percent against or leaning toward rejecting the law.  The rest were undecided and not leaning either direction. Among likely voters, the gap was a little wider – 57 percent for approval or leaning that way, and 38 percent for rejecting the law or leaning that way. Democrats were heavily for approval, Republicans largely for rejection and independents evenly divided.  Puget Sound, including Seattle, and most of the rest of Western Washington was heavily for approval. Eastern Washington voters were narrowly opposed to approving the law. Women, liberals, moderates, people with college degrees and younger voters were most inclined to support.

I-1033, Tim Eyman’s plan to limit revenue growth for state, county and city general funds and use excess money for property tax relief, was a closer call in the poll. Among all voters, 41 percent were in favor or leaning that way and 46 percent opposed or leaning. The rest were undecided and not leaning. Among likely voters, the spread was 40 in favor and 49 opposed. Republicans, independents, men, conservatives and older voters were more favorably inclined.

In closely watched open races for King County Executive and Seattle Mayor, Dow Constantine had a 45-32 lead over Susan Hutchison for Executive, with a large 22 percent undecided vote, and Joe Mallahan led Mike McGinn 39-32 for Mayor, with 28 percent undecided or 1 percent write-in.

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