Looking for historic Voters’ Pamphlets? State Library has ‘em ?>

Looking for historic Voters’ Pamphlets? State Library has ‘em

fallingforstatelibraryJust as turkey and football are Thanksgiving staples, the Voters’ Pamphlet is a regular feature during each fall’s General Election in Washington. In fact, you should have received the Voters’ Pamphlet in the mail for this year’s election.

Did you know that the Office of Secretary of State is required by the Washington Constitution to send the Voters’ Pamphlet to every residence in the state? We’ve been doing just that since the state’s very first Voters’ Pamphlet, in 1914. Below is the front cover of that historic document.

If you want to see the state General Election Voters’ Pamphlet from previous years, just check out this collection available courtesy of the State Library.

This is the latest in a series of blog posts, called “Falling for the State Library,” on your Washington State Library’s many online services and features. The Library is a proud division of the Office of Secretary of State.


3 thoughts on “Looking for historic Voters’ Pamphlets? State Library has ‘em

  1. Is it possible to view historic pamphlets in electronic form? I would like to view the statewide pamphlet from 1958 regarding the amendment of Article II, Section 26 of the state constitution.
    If I must come to Olympia, please tell me the days and times when the library is open.

  2. I previously said I wanted to view the 1958 ballot measure regarding amendment of Article II, Section 26. The message should have referenced Article II, Section 25. In either case, I would prefer to view it electronically. If that is not possible, please provide the days and hours when I could physical come to view the materials.
    Jim Oswald

  3. Hi James – I don’t know if the 1958 voters’ pamphlet is available electronically. Your best option is to contact the State Library (360-704-5200) and ask if it’s in electronic form, and if it isn’t, if you can review a hard copy of it. The State Library’s hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F. Hope this helps. – Brian Zylstra, Deputy Communications Director, Office of Secretary of State

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