I-1464 last of initiatives certified to ballot

I-1464 last of initiatives certified to ballot

I-1464 sig check

Checkers review I-1464 signatures earlier this week at the Elections Division.

Initiative 1464, which covers campaign finance reform, disclosure and enforcement, and creation of a public campaign financing program, is the final ballot measure to qualify for the General Election ballot this fall.

Assistant Secretary of State Mark Neary certified I-1464 Tuesday night, hours after a signature check crew at the Elections Division finished reviewing a 3 percent random sample of the 327,103 signatures submitted by the initiative sponsors in early July. The signature review determined that the measure easily exceeded the bare minimum of 246,372 valid signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.

A random sample of more than 9,800 signatures for I-1464 showed most were valid. The rejection rate due to duplicates or invalid signatures was 15.19 percent, lower than the average error rate of 18 percent.

I-1464 is the fourth and final Initiative to the People that has qualified for Washington’s statewide ballot. In late July, I-1433 (boosting the state minimum wage to $13.50 an hour over four years, up from the current $9.47 per hour), I-1491 (gun restrictions for those covered under temporary “extreme risk” protection orders) and I-1501 (dealing with “protection of seniors and vulnerable individuals from finance crimes and victimization), also were certified.

Two citizen-generated measures, Initiatives to the Legislature 732 (carbon taxes) and 735 (opposing Citizen United court decision), already have qualified for the fall ballot.

Voters also will consider a state constitutional amendment, Senate Joint Resolution 8210, which would move up the deadline for the State Redistricting Commission to approve its final redistricting plan from Jan. 1 of each year ending in “2” to Nov. 15 of each year ending in “1.”

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