“Speaker for the Salmon” featured on Library poster

“Speaker for the Salmon” featured on Library poster

billy-frank-medA long-time activist of tribal rights who has a reputation for conversing with salmon is the latest face to appear on a State Library’s Washington Reads poster.

That poster, now available for download and purchase online, features the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s Billy Frank Jr., the longtime chairman of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. Frank is one of the Pacific Northwest region’s foremost Native American leaders, and he also is involved with several civic activities, including being a longtime trustee of the Washington State Historical Society. Over the years, Frank has received several recognition awards, including the 1991 Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism and the 2004 Indian Country Today Inaugural American Visionary Award.

Due to the budget constraints, there are no free printed copies of the new poster available. But you can download it for free from our Web site . The poster can be printed out from in two sizes: 8 ½” x 11” or 11” x 17”.

You can also buy 11” x 17” print quality posters for a small fee from the Washington State Department of Printing General Store. The order and cost information is provided on the store’s  site .    

Past Read posters have featured Seahawks player Marcus Trufant, NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne and Twilight fans.

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