A nice surprise for CFD contest winner

A nice surprise for CFD contest winner

(From left to right: WSECU’s Suzanne Klenk, Lisa Glassmeyer and Secretary Reed)

It was just another regular workday for Lisa Glassmeyer of DSHS until her boss called a stand-up meeting at 2 o’clock last Thursday afternoon.

That was when Secretary Reed walked into the front doors of the lobby in Office Building 2 and presented her with the grand prize. Shock washed across Glassmeyer’s face when she found out that because of her generous donation during the Combined Fund Drive’s first-ever Breast Cancer Awareness Month contest, she had won a two-night stay courtesy of the Washington State Employees Credit Union at the luxurious Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie.

“It’s nice to be here today,” Reed said jokingly in front of the crowd of 75 DSHS workers. “We in state government hear so much bad news, it’s nice to get together and do something positive.”

Glassmeyer was one of 90 donors who either gave for the first time, or upped their donations during the month of October, taking part in a drawing that asked donors to give to the breast cancer research charity of their choice through payroll deduction. The contest was an incredible success, raising a total of $1,300 in extra revenue per month for charities like the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, The Breast Cancer Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, just to name a few.

The Washington State Employees Credit Union was also on hand to surprise the big winner, and was proud to be a part of the Combined Fund Drive’s first statewide drawing.

“We are so happy to be a part of something like this,” WSECU’s Suzanne Klenk said as she congratulated Glassmeyer. “We love recognizing people who give.”

Without the generosity of WSECU, the Breast Cancer Awareness Month drawing would not have been nearly as successfully as it could have been, and the Combined Fund Drive staff looks forward to working with the establishment for years to come.

The contest was such a success that the CFD is working on a future endeavor that will begin in December, this time highlighting the intense need for food banks in and near Washington. Look for more information on this contest in the days to come.

For more details on the Breast Cancer Awareness Contest, including details on which charities benefitted from the generous contributions of our state employees, visit www.cfd.wa.gov.

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  1. Donating money to foundation like cancer foundation is such a noble cause. And how much one is contributing imperative here.

    Congratulation Lisa for contributing for the great cause.

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