How Secretary Reed became an honorary UW alum

How Secretary Reed became an honorary UW alum

Secretary Reed began his presentation at the University of Washington this week as a loyal WSU Cougar walking into “enemy territory.”

He ended his presentation as a UW graduate. Well, not exactly.

The “graduate” status was bestowed on Reed after he spoke at an event for the University of Washington Combined Fund Drive, the university’s workplace giving program that encourages philanthropy through payroll contribution and campus-wide fundraising events.

The UWCFD has been a key factor in the overall success of the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, bringing in more than $2 million for local, national and global charities last year alone.

The event was held to honor the volunteers and to kick off the 2012 campaign for the UW. Reed was one of the guest speakers and shared his pride in the university’s employees.

“I’m a Cougar for life,” he said. “But today I’m a Husky, too.”

Seconds later, that sentiment was made official when the campaign chair of the UWCFD honored Secretary Reed with the unofficial status of a University of Washington graduate. He was given U-Dub purple regalia.

Sam, of course, is noted for his great love of his alma mater, where he got his undergrad and graduate degrees on the Pullman campus. The ringtone on his cell phone is the Cougar fight song. He regularly visits WSU mothership and the branch campuses and in recent years has partnered with WSU’s Foley Institute for Public Policy & Public Service to present lectures, a book release, and symposiums on civility and on the Centennial of voter approval of the initiative and referendum process.   He also has participated in research by WSU professors  Francis Benjamin and Nick Lovrich on legislative civility, staff and internships.

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