How’s this for a rockin’ house?

How’s this for a rockin’ house?


Wedgwood Rock in 1948. (Photo courtesy of Puget Sound Regional Archives)

Imagine growing up in this neighborhood in northeast Seattle. Imagine telling your friends to meet you at the giant rock on 28th Avenue. Hard to miss that.

The huge boulder, known as the Wedgwood Rock, remains a Seattle landmark. It is more than 19 feet tall and 80 feet in circumference. Formerly known as Big Rock, it is a glacial erratic that was left in its current location during the most recent Ice Age.

The State Archives’ Puget Sound Regional Archives possesses this 1948 photo of Wedgwood Rock and the house standing near it at 7200 – 28th Ave. NE.  The photo comes from the Puget Sound Regional Archives’ popular collection of property records cards with photos of old houses.

The property records at the Puget Sound Regional Archives are listed here.

If you want to research your house, the best way to start is Ask an Archivist.

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