WA Capitol demonstrations, then and now

WA Capitol demonstrations, then and now

1948 Capitol protesters

Over the decades, Washington’s Capitol has seen its share of protests and demonstrations. Several times each year, groups gather on the steps of the Legislative Building to exercise their rights and let others know how they feel.

The two photos here capture how times have changed in terms of dress.

The above photo, taken in 1948, shows a group of senior citizens carrying petition sheets and demonstrating in favor of Initiative 172, the Citizens’ Security Act of 1948. (Voters approved it.) That shot is part of the Susan Parish Photograph Collection, 1889-1990, and is found in the State Digital Archives.

Com Colleges Protest Jan 27 (4)

The bottom shot features a group of community college students protesting potential tuition increases on the Capitol steps in 2011 while the Legislature was in session.

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