Second-grader gives WA Capitol thumbs-up in letter

Second-grader gives WA Capitol thumbs-up in letter

Washington’s Capitol Campus receives thousands of visitors each year, including many tourists from other states or other nations.

But a large number are elementary school students from right here in Washington.

Usually, an entire grade of students from a school will make the bus trip to Olympia to see the campus. For most of these students, it’s their first time to the Capitol. So you can imagine their reaction when they look up at the top of the domed Legislative Building, gaze at all of the marble inside or watch the House or Senate doing floor action.

Washington Capitol Building.

Dear State Capitol Building,

Thank you for letting us come. It was so fun. I really loved the big yard. The big picture on the floor was cool. I also liked the old hoses (sic). Thank you for the coloring book. We hope we get to go there again.


Zaydee and the rest of Mrs. Neumann Niles 2nd grade class at Toledo Elementary

Thanks the nice letter, Zaydee. We’re glad you and the rest of your class enjoyed your trip here!

Want to learn more about Washington’s Capitol. Check out this Capitol Facts & History page courtesy of the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.


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