Goodbye and Hello

Goodbye and Hello

Gold and brown background, workds satying Between the lines, Washington State Library Blog

Did you know that the Washington State Library was one of the first state agencies to jump into blogging? We’ve been blogging since 2006.

Our loyal readers will remember Steve Willis’s “Random News” posts, the fascinating newspaper stories that Marlys Rudeen unearthed, Rand Simmon’s well researched articles on Federal documents, or the wonderful Washington Reads book recommendations, as well as all the other stories about the State Library written over the years.

However, after all these years of maintaining our own blog we’ve been given the opportunity to expand our audience by publishing our stories directly to the Secretary of State’s blog.  This “Between the Lines” blog will no longer be updated instead we ask you to visit the O.S.O.S. “From our Corner” blog.  If you want mainly to read about what’s happening at the State Library here is a direct link,  but we recommend checking out all the other posts. There is so much great work happening at the Secretary of State’s office.

So please say “goodbye” to “Between the Lines” but we hope to see you still with a friendly “hello” over at “From our Corner.”



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