Winners of the 2019 Zine Contest announced

Winners of the 2019 Zine Contest announced

The advent of the internet opened all sorts of possibilities for self-expression but even before the internet, people with something to say have always found a way to get their story out.  One of the ways, that originated in the 1930s, are Zines

Originally created by science fiction fans to share ideas and analyses, later adopted by the Beat generation, and the art and literary scene of the 1960s and 70s, people used the Zine format publish their own stories.The advent of the copy machines made the process even easier and cheaper.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that libraries have recognized the value in collecting encouraging this form of expression. Many libraries now house Zine collections and offer Zine making workshops.

Four years ago the Washington State Library and Archives saw Zines as a way to showcase their historic collections. Working with Timberland Regional Library who helped with workshops and promotion the Historic Zine Contest was launched. 

Now in its fourth year the contest is well established as an annual project.  For students, teachers, and general lovers of Washington State History it is the chance to dig deep into one topic.  Both the State Library and Archives have invested in digitizing parts of their collections so anyone can easily enter from anywhere in the state.  Primary documents make it easy to build a Zine about our state’s unique historic events.

This year’s contest has concluded and after much deliberation our judges have made their selections.

Each winner will receive $75 and a certificate.  Congratulations to Pranav, Kaelyn and Marc, great work.  Intrigued? Why not think about entering next year. 

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