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2012 Proposed Legislation Affecting Libraries

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 Courtesy of the Legislative Planning Committee, Washington Library Association Library Related Legislation. The Washington Library Association (WLA) tracks state legislative activity that will potentially affect Washington Libraries. Their tracker is posted to the WLA web site and we will also post it weekly on this blog.

For information on the legislative process or becoming involved, see the WLA site referenced above.

  Friday 01-13-2012          
Bill Title Sponsor Status Date Latest Cmte Mtg Info Companion Bills
HB 2127 Operating sup budget 2011-13 Hunter H Ways & Means 11/28/2011 Nov 28 Public hearing in the House Committee on Ways & Means at 1:30 PM. SB 5967(SWays & Means)
HB 2177 Child sexual exploitation Ladenburg H Pub Safety 12/14/2011 Jan 11 Public hearing in the House Committee on Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness at 1:30 PM.  
HB 2222 State library Roberts H SGTribalAff 1/9/2012 Jan 16 Scheduled for public hearing and executive session in the House Committee on State Government & Tribal Affairs at 1:30 PM. (Subject to change) SB 6047(SGovtOp & Elect)
HB 2327 Alternative public works Haigh H SGTribalAff 1/11/2012    
HB 2340 Public records act Moeller H SGTribalAff 1/11/2012   SB 6146(SGovtOp & Elect)
HB 2397 State historical societies Hudgins H SGTribalAff 1/13/2012    
HB 2398 State library/transfer to UW Hudgins H SGTribalAff 1/13/2012    
HB 2399 State law library Hudgins H SGTribalAff 1/13/2012    
HB 2406 Closed exec. sess. meetings Takko H SGTribalAff 1/13/2012   SB 6109(SGovtOp & Elect)
HB 2441 Retirement/excess comp. Bailey H Ways & Means 1/13/2012    
2SSB 5355 Special agency meetings Morton S Rules 2 1/13/2012 Jan 12 Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Government Operations and Tribal Relations & Elections at 10:00 AM.  
SSB 5553 Public agency web site info Roach S GovtOp & Elect 12/7/2011 Jan 16 Scheduled for public hearing in the Senate Committee on Government Operations and Tribal Relations & Elections at 10:00 AM. (Subject to change)  
SB 5852 TRS and PERS plan 1 Hewitt S Rules X 12/7/2011    
SB 5882 Local govt employee pensions Schoesler S Rules X 12/7/2011 Mar 29 Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means at 2:00 PM. HB 2018(HWays & Means)
SSB 5883 Operating sup budget 2011-13 Murray S Rules 2 12/14/2011 Dec 13 Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means at 3:30 PM.  
SB 5967 Operating sup budget 2011-13 Murray S Ways & Means 12/1/2011 Dec 1 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means at 3:30 PM. HB 2127(HWays & Means)
SB 6017 Financial audits/local govts Ranker S GovtOp & Elect 1/9/2012 Jan 12 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Government Operations and Tribal Relations & Elections at 10:00 AM.  
SB 6047 State library Chase S GovtOp & Elect 1/9/2012 Jan 12 Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Government Operations and Tribal Relations & Elections at 10:00 AM. HB 2222(HSGTribalAff)
SB 6109 Closed exec. sess. meetings Pridemore S GovtOp & Elect 1/11/2012   HB 2406(HSGTribalAff)
SB 6146 Public records act Prentice S GovtOp & Elect 1/12/2012   HB 2340(HSGTribalAff)

Spotlight on Staff: Kathleen Benoun

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Kathleen Benoun has worked at the Western State Hospital (WSH) Branch Library for over 30 years. She is a tireless advocate for libraries and the rights of the mentally ill. Her value to the hospital and the library is described by the WSH Director of Consumer Affairs in this way:

Photo courtesy Kathleen Roland  “Kathleen is the consummate librarian – resourceful and always aiming to satisfy her customers at the library. WSH patients have very few places to go on their free time, and the library is their haven for learning, socializing, and feeling welcomed by fellow patrons and especially Kathleen. Kathleen redefines the word dedication. She goes the extra mile for patients and has even served as an informal advocate as she tries to make life a bit better for persons served by the hospital. Kathleen communicates the joy of accessing the library and that was most evident when she recently spoke at the I CAN meeting. But most importantly, Kathleen understands patient issues and is a role model for others on how to co-exist with persons with severe mental illness. She exemplifies spirit of giving by pointing out the path of learning for all patients to benefit. Kathleen is a soldier who respects patients and the illnesses they bear, only she does it with absolute grace, dignity, and from the bottom of heart.”

She is a joy to watch in action, working alone and serving as many as 40 patients at one time. Her interactions with her customers are delightful and were described by Acting State Librarian Rand Simmons as “performance art.” Laura Sherbo, Branch Library Services Manager says “There is always a note of panic in a patient’s voice when I answer the phone in the WSH Library. Nobody can take Kathleen’s place, even for a simple phone request.”

In addition to her work in the library, Kathleen helped create the Western State Hospital Museum and she acts as a docent for tour groups. In September she hosted an open house in the museum in honor of both National Recovery Month and the Pierce County “Heritage Happens” Month.

Thank you, Kathleen, for your years of dedicated service to WSL and the patients at WSH.

Link to ILS blog posts about the WSH Museum: https://blogs.sos.wa.gov/library/index.php/category/ils/. Enter WSH Museum in the search box.

Clippings for the week of January 6, 2012

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Image courtesy North Pend Oreille Heritage collection

Image courtesy North Pend Oreille Heritage collection

Library News
The North Olympic Library System has started offering e-readers for checkout. The devices are Barnes & Noble Nooks and they will be pre-loaded with 10 popular fiction and nonfiction titles for adults. The devices will be available at all four NOLS libraries: Port Angeles, Clallam Bay, Forks and Sequim. (The Sequim Gazette, 12.14.11)

Ritzville Public Library has expanded its services with audio books and eBooks available to download from the Washington Anytime Library website. Funding for this service, powered by OverDrive, comes from a donation from the Ritzville Friends of the Library and from federal Library Service and Technology Act (LSTA) dollars granted through the Washington State Library. (Ritzville-Adams County Journal, 12.15.11)

Superlatives do no justice to Quincy’s new public library, a part of the North Central Regional Library System. “It’s a dream come true,” said head librarian Schiree Ybarra. The library opened to the public Monday, Dec. 19. (Photos) (Quincy Valley Post, 12.15.11) http://www.qvpr.com/articles/library-prepares-opening-day

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Book Club of Washington Journal features the State Library’s Tweney 89 Project

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about Pacific Northwest and Washington State History?  Perhaps you moved here later in life and hear faint murmurings of arduous emigration, political intrigue, land dispute, and subsequent prosperity, but know little of the stories or characters involved?  Maybe you vaguely remember those early Washington State History lessons you had in school and want to brush up on the details?

Whatever the reason might be, a fine way to start your reading selection is to consult The Washington 89, a standard bibliographic reference authored by Boeing executive and respected antiquarian George Tweney.  Mr. Tweney selected and annotated 89 essential Pacific Northwest Americana titles that were published before 1959, in honor of the 1989 Centennial of Washington Statehood.  In 2002, The Washington State Library set upon a project to unify all Washington 89 titles highlighted by Mr. Tweney into a curated collection that spans multiple library collection areas.  The result became the Washington State Library Tweney 89 Collection.

A first-class article describing the library’s Tweney 89 project appears in the Fall 2011 issue of The Journal of the Book Club of Washington.  Written by retired Special Collections Librarian Kathryn Hamilton-Wang, the article details the project from soup to nuts.  Starting with identifying what the collection already held, Ms. Hamilton-Wang describes the acquisitions process, the extensive cataloging description and record cleanup, the establishment of a unified author to establish the link to Tweney’s work.  She concludes with an analysis of the collection’s many facets and highlights representative selections throughout the story.

The Book Club of Washington was founded in 1982 and “is a non-profit organization of book lovers and collectors who have a special interest in collecting and preserving printed materials. Its mission is to further the interests of book collectors and scholars and to promote an understanding and appreciation of fine books.”

There are other fine bibliographic references for researcher of Western and Pacific Northwestern history.  A selected list of Indexes, Union Lists, Catalogues, and Bibliographies for Western Americana and Pacific Northwest Research, available at the Washington State Library is available to you for download here.

WSL Updates for January 12, 2012

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Volume 8, January 12, 2012 for the WSL Updates mailing list

Topics include:







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Book club a success at Airway Heights Corrections Center

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On November 18, 2011 at 9:50 am the Airway Heights Corrections Center Inmate Book Club met for the first time. It was a wonderful experience for the inmates and for me as well. Our first book was Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck. There were 13 inmates who read the book and participated in the discussion. On December 2, 2011 at 8:00 am we met again to view the movie. Only 7 inmates were able to make the viewing. Afterwards we discussed the differences between the movie and the book. We were lucky enough to have someone who had actually lived near Cannery Row in Monterey California so it livened up the discussion. Of course the movie was not filmed there, and all of us noticed the change in and addition of some characters between the book and the movie. The book discussion and the movie discussion were both very interesting and I was happy with the range in personalities we had who attended both sessions.

Our next book will be The Sky Fisherman, by Craig Lesley. We have not set the date yet for the discussion but it will be sometime in January. The books are being passed out now and it will be interesting to see if we get more or less participation this time.

Washington State Library addresses budget cuts from the end of 2011 special session

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The result of the Special Legislative Session held in November and December 2011 was a cut of nearly $1.4 million to the Washington State Library’s 2011-2013 biennial budget, a 12.5% reduction. $498,000 was directed by the Legislature and the remainder is the State Library’s portion of the cut to the Office of the Secretary of State.

The cuts will be addressed in the following ways: 1) implementing 8 days of furloughs, January 2012 – June 2013; 2) closing the Evergreen Radio Reading ServicePhoto: Jeremy Stroud (Washington Talking Book & Braille Library) and a library branch at the Washington State Penitentiary and reducing service to half-time at the Eastern State Hospital library branch; 3) reducing staffing through full and partial layoffs, voluntary reductions, and not filling budgeted vacancies; and 4) reducing or eliminating travel, training, equipment, and materials budgets and money set aside for a new integrated library system.

During the recession that began in 2008, the State Library’s budget has fallen by 30% and staffing, now at 67 FTEs (full time equivalents), has decreased by 35%. Since 2001, operating budgets have declined by 46% and staffing by 58%.

Symbolic of the effect of budget reductions during the recession (2008 to present), our lobby is now unstaffed. Signs direct customers to the second floor which is now our only service point. Traditionally we have had three service points, reference, genealogy, and circulation.

In the current 2012 session the Secretary of State is introducing legislation that will allow the State Library to charge out of state customers for research services, particularly obituary lookups. We have sponsors in both the Senate and the House for SB 6047 and HB 2222. We ask that our supporters  continue to monitor our progress through the 2012 session. More cuts may be in store for state agencies as the Washington economy struggles to recover.

Clippings for the week of December 30, 2011

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Image courtesy North Pend Oreille Heritage collection

Image courtesy North Pend Oreille Heritage collection

Washington State Library News
Going digital will help the Washington State Library adjust to leaner times. The Legislature approved $498,000 in cuts from the state library’s operating budget for next year, continuing 10 years of reductions. “It will be more cost effective to be digital,” state librarian Rand Simmons said. (Photo) (The Spokesman-Review, [Spokane] 12.28.11) http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2011/dec/28/libraries-boost-devotion-to-digital/

Library News
For 2012, the Enumclaw city budget will call for library money to be taken from Fund 180, a pot of cash built through property sales and lease collections. It is seen as a one-time expenditure as the city moves toward placing an item on the April ballot asking voters to annex into the King County Library System. (Enumclaw Courier-Herald, 12.7.11)

More than two dozen handheld electricity monitoring devices are now available for checkout through the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District. Wells Fargo donated 26 “Kill a Watt” devices to the library district, which are available to cardholders in the district. (Columbian, [Vancouver] 12.8.11) http://www.columbian.com/news/2011/dec/08/fort-vancouver-library-district-offers-energy-moni/

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WSL Updates for January 5, 2012

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Volume 8, January 5, 2012 for the WSL Updates mailing list

Topics include:







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Author of Sisters Brothers visits Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

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Patrick deWitt

Sisters Brothers is a book about two brothers from gold-rush era Oregon and California who are employed as henchmen. They ride horses, camp out on the trail, try to gather clues about their target, and eventually uncover a lot more than they probably wanted to know about him. What starts out as a simple job becomes something more fantastic, and the two become entangled in the life of a man they set out to eliminate.

As I was reading this book last summer, I noticed the author, Patrick deWitt, was local to the Pacific Northwest, and I immediately thought to ask if he would visit Coyote Ridge for a reading. I wanted this particular author to read from this particular book. Sisters Brothers is modern, funny, and easy to read, but also thought-provoking. I felt that inmates might relate to all the characters in the book on some level, not just the hired killers but also the side characters who display a variety of weaknesses that make them human.

To my surprise, Patrick was immediately agreeable and enthusiastic about the idea. He told me he had been wanting to do some sort of work with inmates related to books and writing. He arrived on November 30, 2011, and read from Sisters Brothers for about thirty minutes to an audience of forty inmates. Many of those who attended said they had never been to a live author reading before. There was a seemingly endless supply of questions about the book, writing, publishing. Some had read the book prior to the event and had complex questions about the themes and characters. Others were interested in learning how to improve their own writing, or the process of getting a book published. Patrick patiently answered all the questions, never departing from his kind and gracious demeanor, until the time ran out. He even volunteered to take the unanswered questions, written on slips of paper, and answer them by email after he returned home.

Patrick has written two books and is working on a third.