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About this blog

The Washington State Library blog is a group effort maintained by numerous programs and staff within the WSL. Prior to June of 2009, many of these programs maintained separate blogs. In June, the programs came together to begin blogging collaboratively, and this is the result. If you’d like to learn about the different programs contributing to this blog, check out the “Contributors” links along the sidebar.

The Washington State Library is a division of the Office of the Secretary of State. To learn more about the Washington State Library, check out our homepage at http://www.sos.wa.gov/library/.

Navigating the Blog

There are numerous ways to navigate content on the WSL blog. The main page shows all posts by all programs, arranged by date posted and with the newest posts on top. Under each post title you will see the author of the post, whose name you can click on to see other posts they’ve written, as well as a number of categories that have been attributed to the post. Clicking on a category link anywhere on the blog will take you to a list of posts that share that category.

By clicking on the title of a post you will be taken to that post’s individual page. For some longer posts this may be necessary in order to view the entire post (there are usually marked with “Read the rest of this entry” when viewed on the blog’s main page). On the post page you may also view and make comments on the post. A list of tags appears near the bottom of the post page, which is another way to find similar posts. Tags tend to be more specific than categories.

At any time you may click on the logo at the top of the blog page to be returned to the main blog homepage.

Subscribing to the Blog

As many ways as there are to navigate, there are an equal number of ways to subscribe to content. To subscribe to the blog as a whole (all the content), feed this link into your favorite RSS feed reader: https://blogs.sos.wa.gov/library/index.php/feed/

You may also subscribe to content by a given author, or within a certain category or tag. This is generally as easy as selecting that subsection of content (e.g. clicking on the author, tag, or category link) and then adding “feed/” to the end of the URL in your browser’s URL bar. For instance, if you wanted to subscribe to posts in the “News and Updates” category, you would select that category either by clicking on it from a post, or by selecting it from the category drop-down menu on the sidebar. Doing so would take you to this URL: https://blogs.sos.wa.gov/library/index.php/category/news/.

By simply adding feed/ to the above URL, you can then subscribe to only that content. Your feed URL would look like this: https://blogs.sos.wa.gov/library/index.php/category/news/feed/.


Use our Ask A Librarian page to contact us live M-F 8a-5p PST, or check out the staff directory to contact a particular individual or program.