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Got a question? Try Ask-WA!

AskWa_YLAO When you think of libraries, I bet you think of books. Don’t worry, everyone does. If you’re a library power-user, you might be aware of free internet access, computer use, and some fun programs. What you might not be aware of is that libraries have powerful information experts eagerly waiting for you to ask them your toughest questions.

Getting the best answers to  your questions just got a lot easier with Ask-WA. More than 60 Washington libraries, backed by an even larger network of libraries worldwide, have teamed up so that you can ask your questions anytime, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and get great answers from a live librarian.

Are you a college student looking for that last-minute resource for your 8am paper? Librarians are available, even at 3am, to help you find the right resources and ace your course. Need help applying for jobs, finding good schools, or learning new skills? Ask-WA has you covered. Need to settle a bet? We’ll help. Want to find some good summer reading? We love recommending books!

Ask-WA connects you live to your librarians … whenever, wherever you need them. Try it now @ http://ask.wa.gov/.

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2 Responses to “Got a question? Try Ask-WA!”

  1. Bonnie Klaassen Says:

    I need to renewal our UBI# for a nonprofit organization. I wanted to know how we would go about changing our name or if i should do that after the renewal.

  2. Hi Bonnie, thanks for the great question. I could certainly do some research for you, but your best bet for a much faster and better answer is to get in touch with Corporations. Their contact info is here: