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Enjoying the Company of Others

Anna Nash 2Over the last few weeks I have had a chance to get to know our new employee. Anna is smart and it has been great training her in the procedures for the library. We have the same schedule so we have been carpooling, which is really nice, but we have also been able to talk daily and all day. I no longer only have inmates to interact with and I find that I like having a coworker work the same schedule as me … in some ways it feels like a “real library”. It doesn’t hurt that we like each other and are getting along well. After years of working alone and then with a part time staff member it is really nice to have someone who is here at the same time of day as me. I no longer spend the three nights a week that I work alone with inmates, Anna keeps me company along with the inmates. However, I know this will not last long as soon Anna will be taking her permanent position in Monroe, but for now I will enjoy the company.

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