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The Shoestring Library by Sheryl Fullner

Congratulations to Sheryl Kindle Fullner, teacher librarian at Nooksack Valley Middle School in Everson, WA, on the publication of her book, The ShoeString Library, by ABC-CLIO! The publisher describes the book thusly:

An organized collection of budget saving methods, materials, and strategies, these tips are all tried-and-true examples of ways to stretch the media specialist’s budget and time, and change even the drabbest library into an inviting oasis of learning.

Makeovers are mesmerizing. Whether it is the 400-pound man who turns into a hunk or a hovel that morphs into a chic apartment, we all love "before" and "afters." Now every library can become an "after"-without busting the budget.

The Shoestring Library offers hope, incentive, and direction to librarians who lack everything but passion. The book is organized around 300 hints-more than 114 of which are green alternatives-for administering a library in tough times.

According to anecdotal information, Sheryl has been known to use her own money at garage sales to find bargain books for her library. She is known for her incredible dedication to the kids she serves through her library. Sheryl Fullner, we salute you!

And a tip of the hat to Whatcom County librarian, Regan Robinson, who posted an announcement of the book on the Publib e-mail list, thus calling it to this blogger’s attention.

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