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New Classics in Washington History

pugetsoundargus From the desk of Judy Pitchford

Volume 5, # 2 –  November 2010


Historical Newspapers in Washington


The Puget Sound Argus of Port Townsend (1882-1883) has been added to Washington State Library’s Online Historic Newspapers, available at http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/newspapers_detail.aspx?t=44. The collection now includes approximately nine years of Port Townsend newspapers, ranging from 1875 to 1883. The collection also contains newspapers from ten other Washington cities.

Additional newspapers will be added as soon as indexing is completed. Our volunteer indexers are currently hard at work on the Walla Walla Statesman (1873-1884) and Seattle’s Puget Sound Dispatch (1871-1880). To see our entire Online Historic Newspaper collection, go to http://www.sos.wa.gov/history/newspapers.aspx.




Classics on Washington History

Under Military History, Pioneer Life, Territorial and State Government
Correspondence of William Pickering, 1862-1864.
This is a collection of correspondence to and from William Pickering from 1862 to 1864 while he served as governor of Washington Territory. It is organized into folders of incoming and outgoing letters.

Under Pioneer Life and Territorial and State Government
Correspondence of Fayette McMullin, 1857-1858
This collection consists of some original correspondence of the Washington Territorial Governor Fayette McMullin. It contains 18 letters of incoming and outgoing correspondence pertaining to Territorial governmental matters. One letter is written to Gov. McMullin from Wm. M. Morrow, requesting that he not grant a reprieve to Chief Leschi for his involvement in the Indian Wars in Washington Territory. Mr. Morrow was the Representative in the Territorial Legislature for Sawamish County in 1855. There are also two copies of letters from Captain George Pickett describing relations with local Indian tribes in northwest Washington.


Under County and Regional History
Olympia by Hazard Stevens
There was a report by Hazard Stevens to the trustees of the bondholders of the Olympia Light and Power Company dated Nov. 20, 1891, Boston, Mass. in which Stevens submitted the report following a recent trip to Olympia and examination of the charter, property, franchises, and business, both present and prospective of the Olympia Light and Power Company, as affording security for proposed issue of bonds. That report of 1891 included a section of information and financial statements of the Olympia Light and Power Company. This edition seems to be an abbreviated edition with information only about the city of Olympia, WA. It does not include any information about Olympia Light and Power Co. It is unclear whether this was published separately earlier or later; however, it is the same text as the 1891 ed.


Under Washington Voters Pamphlets [New Subject]

1914 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Initiatives : Statewide Prohibition; Blue Sky Incorporation; Abolishing Bureau of Inspection and Supervision of Public Offices; Abolishing Employment Offices; First Aid to Injured; Convict Labor Road; Eight Hour Measure.
Referendums : Teachers’ Retirement Fund; Quincy Valley Irrigation
Proposed Amendment to State Constitution : Alien Land Law

1916 Voters pamphlet
Contents –  Initiatives : Breweries; Hotelmen’s Liquor
Referendums : Initiative and Referendum; Recall of Public Officers; Political Conventions; Picketing; Public Service Utilities; Port District; Public Budget
Proposed Amendment to the State Constitution : Qualification of Voters

1918 Voters Pamphlet
Contents –  Referendum : Bone Dry Law
House Joint Resolution : Question of calling a Constitutional Convention

1920 Voters pamphlet
Contents –  Referendums : State System Trunk Line Highways; Soldier’s Equalized Compensation Proposed Amendments to the State Constitution : Eminent Domain; Duties and Salaries of Officers

1922 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Initiatives : Collection of a Poll Tax; School Funds
Referendums : Public Service Properties and Utilities; Education and Public Schools; Primary Nominations and Voter Registration; Nomination of Candidates; Party Conventions; Precinct Committeemen
Proposed Amendments to the State Constitution : Rights of Accused Persons; State Treasury Expenditures; Compensation of members of the State Legislature

1924 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Initiatives : School Attendance; Taxation of Real and Personal Property; Purchase of Electric Current by Cities and Towns
Referendums : Sale of Electric Energy by Cities and Towns; Milk Products Proposed Amendments to the State Consitution : County Officers; Harbors and Harbor Areas

1926 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Proposed Amendments to the State Constitution : Compensation of members of the State Legislature; Forestation and Reforestation

1928 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Proposed Amendment to the State Constitution : Revenue and Taxation

1930 Voters pamphlet
Contents – Initiatives : Members of the House of Representatives; Establishment of Utility Districts Proposed Amendments to the State Constitution : Compensation of members of the State Legislature; Vacancies in the Legislature; Revenue and Taxation



Map of the city of Everett, Washington
[Everett, Wash.? : Everett Improvement Co., 1915]

Map of the Pioneer Way  : Oregon Trail, Olympia to Kansas City, National Old Trails Road, Kansas City to Washington, D.C. : showing every city, town, village and hamlet throughout its entire length : proposed by the Pioneer Way Association, and also advocated by the National Highways Association, Washington, D.C., April, 1916
Washington, D.C. : National Highways Association, c1916 (Baltimore, Md. : A. Hoen & Co., Lith.)

Millroy & Egan’s sectional map, Washington : showing new surveys; new post offices; railroads with distance marked between stations; locations of gold, silver, copper, coal and iron mines; wagon roads and distances; location of Indian and timber reservations; location of canneries; steamship routes and landings with distances; U.S. government forts
Philada. : Lincoln Pub. Co., 1901

Map of an exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842 and to Oregon & North California in the years 1843-44
Baltimore : E. Weber & Co., [1845]

Railroad Commissioner’s map of Washington, 1911
[Olympia, Wash.? : Railroad Commission of Washington?, 190-?]-1911 (Chicago : Rand, McNally & Co., engravers)

“A” diagram of a portion of Oregon Territory
[Washington, D.C. : General Land Office], 1852 (Baltimore : A. Hoen & Co., lith.)

Map of public surveys in the Territory of Washington to accompany report of Surveyor General
Olympia, [Wash.] : Surveyor General’s Office, 1865

Map of Wahkiakum County, Washington
[S.l. : L.P. Ouellette?], 1898

Map showing land grant of the Northern Pacific Railroad Co. in eastern Washington and northern Idaho (1887)
Buffalo, N. Y. : Matthews, Northrup & Co.

Map showing land grant of the Northern Pacific Railroad Co. in eastern Washington and northern Idaho (1891)
Buffalo, N.Y. : Matthews, Northrup & Co

Map of Kittitas County, Washington drawn by H.A. Murray
Ellensburg, Wash. : County Engr., 1916

Brewster  : Okanogan Co. Wash., October 1909
New York : Sanborn Map Company, c1909

Map of Cowlitz County Washington
Kalama, [Wash.] : County Surveyor, [1895]

Anderson’s map of Cowlitz County, Washington
Seattle, Wash. : O.P. Anderson Map & Blue Print Company, Inc., c1897

Road map of Douglas County, Washington : March 11, 1916
[Waterville, Wash.? : Douglas County Engineer, 1916]

A map of Ferry County election precincts
[Republic, Wash.? : Ferry County?, 1915]

Map of Pend Oreille County Washington  : compiled from official records
Newport, WN. : [County Commissioners?, 1919]

Map of Pacific Co., Washington
Portland, OR. : Schmidt L. & Lith. Co., c1894

Map of the Spokane country
Spokane, Wash. : Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad Co., [1915?]

Map of Lincoln County Washington
[Davenport, Wash.? : County Engineer?], 1919

Map of Skagit County Wash.  : showing names, numbers and widths of roads
Kroll’s map of Mason Co.
[Mount Vernon, Wash.?] : County Engineer, 1916

Map of Mason County, Washington, 193-?
Shelton, WA : Engineer’s Office, Mason County, [1918]-

Map of Mason County Washington, 1941
Shelton, WA : Engineer’s Office, Mason County, [1918]-

Map of Washington Territory west of the Cascade Mountains (as of 1870)
Chehalis, Wash.? : E. C. Bechly?, 1951

For more information about Washington State Library’s Digital Historical Collections, contact Judy Pitchford, Digital Collections Librarian, at [email protected] or (360) 704-5254.

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