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The new year started off with a bang. On 1/11/11 we hosted Library Snapshot Day at the Washington Corrections Center for Women. The day really highlighted who we are and what we do everyday. Inmates had their photos taken in the library and were told how their friends and families could access their pictures on Facebook.

Jump to March and the hot issue became library expansion. Laura and I met with our Associate Supt to talk about expanding the library area by taking over the adjoining room. This conversation is in its 14th year so stay tuned.

April brought spring flowers and a new circulation system named Destiny.

June was a good month for the library as the inmates here ponied up $1000 for me to buy books.

Jump again to December and the big news was the snow. The library and entire school building were closed on 12/20, 12/21, and 12/22.

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